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At Jackson Trophies, we supply an extensive range of trophies, medals and awards to celebrate academic achievements of all levels and for all successes. The range includes multi-level recognitions including gold, silver and bronze star awards for both winners and runners-up, in addition to miniature awards for first (1st) second (2nd) and third (3rd) prizes.

We have included trophies, shields, figurines and academic tankards in our collection to ensure a bespoke award for the occasion. You can choose from star awards, “thumbs up” achievements, winner, runner-up and special awards, in addition to “well done” and House accolades to ensure the recipient receives the honour that’s perfectly matched to their achievement.

Our academic achievement awards can all be personalised with an engraving to suit all ceremonies and events ensuring that they create a truly individual keepsake for the recipient.

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