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Specialist Trophies

Jackson Trophies have a wide range of specialist awards for the most popular or the more obscure disciplines. Our specialist awards cover topics from fundraising to slimming, culinary rewards to dog agility trophies. You can choose from medals, cups, plaques, trophies or shields, all designed with the specific discipline in mind and available in various materials including glass and metal finishes.

You can reward everyone from participants to event winners in competitions, leagues and tournaments with a variety of designs, colours and sizes of the award. The range can be tailored to multi-level recognitions for both winners and runners-up, in addition to awarding first (1st) second (2nd) and third (3rd) places.

Our specialist awards can all be personalised with an engraving to suit all ceremonies and event types, whether you’re noting the year or the individual, ensuring they create a truly individual keepsake for the team or recipient.

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